Katya and Trixie Mattel Aren’t Certain Why You Need Their Recommendation, However They’re Able to Give It – E! On-line


As the two worlds where drag entertainers make their livings—the entertainment and nightlife industries—continue to face an uncertain future thanks to the pandemic, both Trixie and Katya insist they’re not sweating it.

“It’s not a problem for me. Every day’s a miracle. Every day is a journey,” Katya said. “I should’ve been dead long ago, so I’m just chilling.”

Trixie added, “Drag queens are scrappy. On Drag Race, we get given 99 Cents Store materials and we have to make a costume, but drag queens kind of do that all the time. We also work in an industry that was not meant to favor us to begin with. We’re not supposed to be celebrities. When Katya and I started doing drag, it wasn’t because this level of celebrity was at all possible for cross-dressers, you know what I mean?”

As long as they can keep making their little green screen show, even under the new, socially distant guidelines, the rest can wait, they say. “Katya and I have a lot of touring projects coming up, and it keeps getting pushed into the future, but it’s not like it’s been canceled. It’s not like it’s never happening. Besides, the first shows to get pulled off the road were gathering of over a thousand, so I was pulled off the road a long time ago,” Trixie continued, laughing. “When my shows were being pulled because they were gathering over one thousand, I was calling [Drag Race season five winner] Jinkx Monsoon like, ‘They mentioned small gatherings are high quality. You continue to having a present tonight?'”