Aileen Gisselle: 5 Issues To Know About Rob Kardashian’s Beautiful Dinner Date


Rob Kardashian made a romantic cameo on Aileen Gisselle’s Instagram Story, leaving one to wonder: who’s the new lady in Rob’s life? Let us answer that question for you!

Instagram model Aileen Gisselle has appeared to catch Rob Kardashian’s eye. She sat down for a sweet dinner with the reality television star on Aug. 3, which she made public knowledge with a very romantic video on her Instagram Story that night! There were hearts spilling across the screen and cheesy music playing as Aileen filmed her dinner date with a special filter on.

Everyone knows who Rob is, but who exactly is Aileen? We learned at the end of July that Rob found himself in a new romance, but at the time, no name was given. “Rob is keeping it very low key but apparently he’s dating someone that he really likes. He knows as soon as people find out, it will get turned into a huge deal and all this pressure will be added that he doesn’t want, so he’s being very secretive right now,” a source had EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. Now that the cat appears to be out of the bag, learn more about Aileen:

1. Aileen has a large following on Instagram. Aileen boasts 253,000 followers on Instagram, where she often posts photos of herself wearing bikinis and glam outfits.


2. Aileen and Rob follow each other on Instagram. Rob has 1.7 million Instagram followers, yet only follows 264 people — and one of them is Aileen!

3. Like Rob, she’s a mother or father! Aileen has a younger daughter named Emoniee Gisselle, whom Aileen welcomed when she was 19 years previous. The mother-daughter duo filmed a Q&A Mukbang for Aileen’s first ever YouTube video, which Aileen uploaded on March 28.

4. Aileen additionally launched an organization. She based a clothes model for teenagers, Haus of Kiddies, LLC., in 2018.


5. Rob wouldn’t be her first well-known romantic curiosity. She beforehand sparked relationship rumors with Floyd Mayweather Jr., and posted this “#ManCrushMonay” video that includes the now retired skilled boxer in 2015.