Rémy Métallier Drops Rocks: This Is How You are Imagined to Journey Squamish

Each every so often a 12-second video will take Instagram by storm, that includes some kind of beforehand not possible hole by way of or over a bit of path that many people would favor our tires keep safely glued to, if we’d journey it in any respect. However they’re usually simply novelties. Stunt acts and freak reveals that normally don’t appear like enjoyable and don’t appear like they’ll ever be finished once more.

However that’s not how Rémy Métallier would deal with it. At this time, he launched a video that is filled with these logic-defying drops and gaps staged all through the numerous iconic rock rolls in Squamish, B.C.. Watch the DH legend take a path bike and a half lid and make us all really feel like ants amongst giants.

This text initially appeared on Bikemag.com and was republished with permission.

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