Valorant’s twelfth agent is Killjoy, a German robotics genius

Killjoy concept art

Riot Video games

Lastly, Killjoy’s Final is a tactical Lockdown that, after a sure interval, ‘detains’ enemies caught in its space of impact. Riot confirmed that the Lockdown machine might be destroyed by the opposing group, although.

Killjoy’s addition to Valorant might be divisive. Riot has always insisted that the sport is constructed round gunplay, slightly than match-altering powers just like Overwatch. Each agent has head-turning talents, nevertheless those provided at launch have been largely tactical, decreasing the opposition’s visibility or pressuring them to maneuver into your weapon’s sight strains. Killjoy’s function set, in the meantime, appears like a slight deviation from this promise. The fanbase’s response will undoubtedly resolve if Riot continues down this route or veers again towards a straight-shooter expertise like Counter-Strike: International Offensive.