Trump’s ‘new tone’ on coronavirus implodes over his promotion of ‘demon sperm’ physician

Trump, who recirculated the video Monday night time in a number of tweets which have since been deleted, defended it at Tuesday’s job power briefing. “I believe they’re very revered docs. There was a lady who was spectacular,” he mentioned, with out specifying which one.

However CNN’s Kaitlan Collins doubled again on the subject of Immanuel, who additionally touted the zero-evidence declare that hydroxychloroquine is a “treatment for Covid.”

“The lady that you just mentioned is ‘a terrific physician’ in that video that you just retweeted final night time mentioned that masks don’t work and there’s a treatment for COVID-19—each of which well being specialists say just isn’t true,” Collins mentioned to Trump. “She’s additionally made movies saying that docs make drugs utilizing DNA from aliens and that they’re attempting to create a vaccine to make you immune from changing into non secular. So what’s the logic in retweeting that?”

Trump questioned whether or not it was similar lady. “Nicely possibly it’s the identical, possibly it’s not,” he mentioned, “however I can inform you this. She was on air, together with many different docs, they have been huge followers of hydroxychloroquine. And I believed she was very spectacular, within the sense that from the place she got here—I don’t know which nation she comes from—however she mentioned that she’s had great success with a whole lot of various sufferers and I believed her voice was an essential voice, however I do know nothing about her.”

However when reporters endured in asking Trump about his push for masks carrying final week, he abruptly ended the briefing—as in, ran for canopy.

Guess what? Trump’s not going to win over the suburbs touting the hydroxychloroquine claims of a lady who promotes alien DNA cures and warns of demon sperm.

Watch Trump crash and burn.